World Peace

What's going on in the world lately is overwhelmingly negative & more often than not nowadays, absolutely heartbreaking. From cyber bullying to war, the world has become filled with energy that fuels social confinement and government corruption. Violence has become overwhelming but silence has too. But it's hard to be vocal in a world filled … Continue reading World Peace

Myanmar (Burma)

So hot. SO hot. But worth it. This trip was a bit of a "Hail Mary" if I'm being completely honest. When mom and I first talked about all the places we wanted to travel before I returned back to Canada, we included this country because it seemed mysterious & of course it was another one … Continue reading Myanmar (Burma)


A weekend in Cambodia? Don't mind if I do! For those of you that don't know, I was in southern Cambodia in 2015 for a volunteer program. I flew into Phnom Penh, bussed to Sihanoukville then took a boat to Koh Rong. I spent 2 weeks on Koh Rong island getting my second scuba diving certification, doing a marine … Continue reading Cambodia


I'm not quite done with the Philippines yet... Before heading to Thailand to hang out with mom & dad for a while, I came to Palawan to see some sights I've been dying to see for some time now. You all know Meagan by now I hope. She did the same program as me and was placed … Continue reading Palawan