Thailand Part 3: Koh Chang

Koh Chang.


The best part of Koh Chang? The sunsets. Hands down.

This island is where one goes to forget that you’ve just spent a bunch of time in the hustle & bustle city of Bangkok. Though it’s an island that is quite influenced by tourism, it’s still beautiful.

It’s a strange feeling to be surrounded by tourists from Sweden, Germany and everywhere in between. You forget you’re in Thailand for a minute and you lose yourself in languages from around the world.

Each morning, mom (being the earlier riser between the two of us), would go down to the hotel pool and save us a couple of lounger chairs. I would meet her there to drop my things and then we went to the breakfast buffet before spending our day sitting in the sun. What’s nice about this is that the chairs are on a deck that surround the hotel pool, but it’s also basically right on the beach.

BUT what’s funny about this, is that under the hotel rules, you’re actually not supposed to save chairs. It’s like a contest between all these tourists to see who can get their chairs in the most ideal location. If you snooze, you loose!


Mango margarita + sun + Thailand beach = pure happiness

It was so relaxing to hang out with my mama and just lay outside. I know I live on a tropical island, but contrary to what you might think the Philippines isn’t always full of tanning beaches. There are beaches like that in the more touristy places of the Philippines, but… I’m not a tourist, I’m local. ;P Just kidding! Kind of… Not really.

At this point, dad wasn’t with mom and I. He had to go to the rig to work the day after I arrived in Thailand. Once their rig move was finally over with, he bee-lined it to get to us in Koh Chang.

It’s actually a funny story…

He was unable to get a flight out of Bangkok to Trat because they were all booked. So his assistant eventually found him a driver. The drive from Bangkok to Trat is about 4 hours. So he was able to have a little nap while having probably zero sleep on the rig the day before. During the drive, he booked himself a hotel in Trat for the night because he knew he wouldn’t make the last ferry from Trat to Koh Chang. Once he arrived to Trat, he asked directions to his hotel only to find out the hotel was ON Koh Chang… Poor guy. He was stuck and homeless. BUT. Someone overheard what I’m sure was a long string of curse words, said they have a private boat running.

By the way, as mom is texting with him, she’s telling me all of this and I’m dying laughing because it’s just such a gong show story. I said something like “I bet that private boat is a little dingy boat”… Yep. He said it was most definitely a dingy boat.

ANYWAYS. He fiiiiiinally made it. Poor guy. But mom & and I were so happy to see him!! It was perfect.


Showing dad some of my favourite snapchat filters 🙂

A couple days later we went on a little island hopping adventure. Mom and I had so much fun snorkelling together! I got to show off a bunch of things I’ve learned about while diving in the Philippines.

We spent our days by the beach and nights at a restaurant and then a bar called Oodies. The owner, Oodie (duh) plays guitar with the band sometimes and dad pointed out that he clearly plays the guitar left-handed. Except he was playing a right-handed guitar upside-down and backwards… Interesting. When dad asked him why he played it that way he replied “no one told me any different”. Kudos, Oodie!! & thanks for the drinks.

All in all… It was an amazing little escape from the city. I was perfectly happy laying on beach day in and day out. I was even happier to be totally spoiled by getting to spend so much time with my parents.


Words cannot describe how much I love these people. So beyond grateful…

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