Only two short weeks after returning from my 3 week stay in Thailand… I was off to Singapore for a week.

Meagan, another Canadian intern located in Palawan, has been dreaming of a trip to Singapore. She sounded so excited & talked about it so highly that I decided to go with her. My mom has also been there & said it was incredible.

So why not?

By the way… If you’re not a big reader… You can skim my photos and click the link at the bottom of this post to WATCH my Singapore adventures instead of read this novel. 🙂 

Arrival day: January 25th @ 1am (ish)

Took a taxi to the Air BnB near the Kallang MRT Station & went straight to bed.

Day 1: January 25th – Exploring

We had no clue what to do. Just felt like exploring, so we found the MRT station near our accommodation & got off after about 2 stops to see what was on the go.

Many MRT stations are located within or very near to large malls/shopping centres. We made sure we didn’t get too attached during our abundant window shopping. It was quite clear that Chinese New Year was fast approaching & the entire country was quite excited about it.


I took this photo & said to myself “I hope this lantern has a kind message on it”

We spent the afternoon in a close second to my heaven on earth, the S.E.A. Aquarium… words cannot describe it. Massive tanks that absolutely captivated me. I could have watched the Manta Rays for hours. Hopefully I’ll see some for myself during my upcoming dive trip.


Might be weird but I like watching people be amazed by the things I’ve swam with

We also found one of the two Merlion statues Singapore has!


Photo cred: Meagan Bernier

Sidenote: You can see I have my Cannon one army shoulder and my SONY Action Cam in my hand. Meagan is taking a photo of me with my iPhone 7 Plus, that I was also using for photos…. Yep. I was juggling all of those for 1 week. I like taking pictures and videos… hahaha.

Early bed time for our big day on Thursday…


Day 2: January 26th – Universal Studios Singapore


This quickly became the theme song our trip, as Meagan was just far too excited for literally everything. But I was too… So I can’t blame her.


The beginning of the best day ever!

We got up early, took the MRT to Harbourfront Station (giant mall stop – Vivo City?). Then took the Sentosa Express to our destination!

Sentosa Island is like the giant tourist playground of Singapore. This is where the S.E.A. Aquarium is, obviously other shopping, beach resorts & of course… UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.

We started our very western & childish day with McDonalds breakfast, because duh. Waited for the entrance crowd to die down a bit before we buzzed through and went straight to the Transformer 3D ride. *heart eyes* x3.

I was super excited for this one. Meagan asked “single rider line?” I stupidly responded “nah.” And so we wait like an hour. NEVER. AGAIN.

But it was awesome anyways. So we went back a second time later in the day when the “wait time” was 10minutes. I don’t think we waited 5minutes.

I also met Bumblebee… which was so awesome.


Me & Bumblebee 🙂 He gave me a high five.

The Universal Studios here is quite small compared to that of the one in Orlando Florida. This has the one park that is easily doable in one day – perfect for us!

We managed to get on every single ride that we wanted to, at least once. Many of them multiple times! The Battlestar Galactica roller coaster won our hearts with the 5x we got on, Transformers 3D 2x, The Mummy 2x, Jurassic park rides & more!!

We also took a break to see the WaterWorld stunt show which was seriously awesome… We should have sat in the splash zone… We were sweating buckets at that point.

We literally stayed in the park until closing… 7pm. We started our day about 12 hours earlier! We were pooped!! We treated ourselves to a rather expensive Western supper at the Hard Rock Cafe, since we had brought our lunch in with us. The money I saved on lunch, was spent on a bunch of water haha!

Day 3: January 27 – Gardens by the Bay

What’s great about this city is that despite how expensive it may be, there are actually a lot of things to do for free. Including the famous Gardens by the Bay! Here, we walked around & admired the huge SuperTrees while we read about how they cycle carbon & produce energy to the surrounding area. They’re insanely awesome…

Three cheers for sustainable development!!

I hope some other countries will soon follow along with the small carbon footprint idea.


My favourite picture of me from the trip… Photo red: Meagan Bernier

Friday night in Singapore… So we took a visit to Clarke Quay, per my dads recommendation. His favourite bar is the Crazy Elephant. So we figured we would enjoy ONE $16 beer/cider & that was it. Who can afford to drink those all night? Certainly not I. But it was really good after a long day.

This day, we had checked into the Grand Hyatt Singapore. My mom’s friend had won a voucher for 3 nights at the 5-start hotel that was going to expire soon & she said she wasn’t going to use it. So she gave it to us!! Words cannot describe how thrilled we were and how grateful we are to have had that experience. We toasted our $16 drinks to Melanie!

Day 4: January 28 – Botanical Gardens 

Another awesome free activity to do in the city! We spent the majority of our time in the Orchid Garden, which actually did have an entrance fee. But it was only $5, so chill… You can afford it. It comes highly recommended, by me. 😀

Anyone who knows me, knows I have far too many cameras. I juggled 3 for most of my trip. So I was quite trigger happy & as a result, I have a million photos to sort through. But… Can you blame me?

Here are just a few of my favourites…

Later that night, we felt like celebrating Chinese New Year! So we sought out some fireworks near the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Next to this, was also a beautiful light display.

At the end of the night we even found some lactose free ice cream! No sore bellies for us!


It’s quite clear how tired we were at this point.

Day 5: January 29 – Singapore Zoo

I’ll be honest. I was hesitant to come here because zoo’s are just not my thing. Plus my feet and back were seriously suffering from all the walking around we’ve been doing during this trip!

BUT. Of course I went anyways. Meagan was telling me about how the enclosures are designed and so I decided to see for myself.


The enclosures were very well done. The animals were not in cages. They were in their own space with only a short wall or fence and perhaps a trench separating us visitors from them.

Like I said, zoo’s aren’t my thing. I’m not an advocate for animals in captivity. I love aquariums but I have a hard time with those too.

BUT. The way I think about it, is that a lot of us wouldn’t have a favourite animal if we hadn’t first seen it in a zoo or aquarium. A weird way of thinking about it. But as an educational tool, these attractions are valuable.


My favourite picture of the day… White Tiger

Day 6: January 30 – Cloud Forest & Garden Rhapsody Show @ Gardens by the Bay

Today we had to check out of our 5-star hotel… Sad face. BUT. Like I said, we were so grateful to have the experience of staying there. We had free breakfast for 3 days. Free supper for 3 nights… We actually SAVED money on food & accommodation by staying here… Crazy.

After a morning by our 5-star pool. We checked in to our budget hotel that Meagan found for us to stay the night. Then we headed back to Gardens by the Bay.

Meagan decided to go to the nearby Museum and I wanted to go to the Cloud Forest. So I climbed the stairs all the way to the Treetop walkway and leisurely strolled around the conservatory, photographing the beautiful plants and water features.


Highest walkway in the Cloud Forest

Our trip ended with the beautiful light show in the SuperTree Grove… They’re so breathtaking.


Lit up SuperTrees before the Rhapsody show began.

Singapore was amazing to say the least. I’m so happy that I went!! Had such a blast with Meagan seeing all the things we wanted to see. What made it even better is that when Meagan did the math, we came up well under our budget!


Click this link to see the little video diary of our adventures in Singapore! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notified of any future adventure video posts. 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there and reading this ridiculously long post. I hope you go to Singapore for your own adventure one day!! You won’t regret it. 🙂



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