7 day countdown!

Have I mentioned I’m moving to the Philippines for 6 months? Well… that’s a thing.


So this is happening… In a week!

So in one week I’ll be beginning my two days of travel to reach my final destination of Iloilo City on Panay Island in the Philippines…


Yep. I myself am still finding it hard to believe… But I’m SO excited!

This is my last day of work before I have to leave beautiful Bonne Bay behind. Tomorrow, I head to St. John’s for a few days of training before my departure on Friday, September 23. Crazy!!!


Some of my travelling essentials.

Do you realize how much stuff one can accumulate over 4 years? I didn’t know until I started trying to pack it away… It’s insane!


My room exploded…

Don’t worry… I am NOT taking that massive, overflowing black suitcase with me. I’m limiting myself to taking just one suitcase as well as my 65L MEC pack with me to the Philippines. Also, plenty of my things will be donated.

That’s not to say I won’t return with a third bag full of goodies for my favourite people… 🙂

Okay… So now all I have to do is fit everything into good ol’ Kelly the KIA…



A few things still need to be packed in here but I have way more room leftover than expected! I guess it’s thanks to the wonderful souls at the marine station who are letting me leave my stuff for donation here! Phew.

So my 7 day countdown begins! In just one week I’ll be on my way to a place I wouldn’t even have imagined myself in before this opportunity presented itself… I am so ready to experience everything the Philippines has to offer a sojourner like me & then cross it right off my bucket list!

I want to thank all my friends & family for your continued support during this crazy time in my life… I can’t even being to explain how much you all mean to me! Without confirmation from you wonderful people, I don’t know that I’d have the confidence to take on something so huge.  I’ll miss you all, but I’ll see you soon… & I’ll be so much more tanned than you. 😛

Stay tuned for adventure updates. Hopefully plenty of snorkelling, scuba-diving, hiking and so much more!


– C


Packing Playlist:

  1. Spirits – The Strumbellas
  2. Kid – OneRepublic
  3. I Like the Sound of That – Rascal Flatts
  4. Wild Things – Alessia Cara
  5. Closer (ft. Hasley) – The Chainsmokers
  6. You & Me – Koodo
  7. Infinite High – Panama Wedding
  8. Starving (ft. Zedd) – Hailee Steinfeld & Grey
  9. Future Looks Good – OneRepublic
  10. Just (ft. Cozy) – Couzare





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