Life is fun & fun is life

I’m in my 20’s. I take snapchats with my friends & take selfies when people are watching. That’s just who I am & what I do. I live with positivity & make my own rules!


Left: Meghan, Christa, Michelle

I like to go out with my friends to drink & dance & laugh. That doesn’t make me immature or irresponsible. It makes me human.

My birthday was yesterday, August 16th. It was a really good birthday! When you have a life full of genuinely good people who support you, everyday is special. I had a couple of conversations with my older friends that spoke of their age in rather negative terms… That makes me sad. One of them was saying to me “…It all goes down from here.”

Well… Why? What a depressing state of mind to be in.

Even if I tried, I don’t think I could get through one day thinking that my best days are behind me. I just got released into the world & now I’m being told it sucks? No. I refuse to believe that’s true.


I’m smiling because this is how I choose to live my life.

I’m still a baby. Early 20’s & relatively little life experience, as I’ve only just graduated university. So what? My life is only JUST starting. Fresh off the Uni boat & ready for everything. If I enter the world thinking “Oh boo. Poor me. I guess I’m getting older & now everything is going to suck,” then what kind of life will I create for myself?

Whatever life that is, it doesn’t sound like fun AT ALL. It certainly doesn’t sound like any type of life that I would be interested in living.


I’ll wear fancy (ish) clothes with my converse because I don’t have to care what other people think. No one does!

I’m a youngster. I always will be. Just because my age is increasing does not mean that I want to grow up & get bummed out about life. I want to be forever young. In saying that, I’m not going to act immature either.

When I was 17, I made the decision to move across the country for post-secondary. Now at 22, I am about to move to a totally different country overseas & take on new responsibilities (I don’t even know what they are yet).

I don’t want to be viewed as immature or irresponsible, but I also don’t want to get into the mindset that I can’t have as much fun because of what people might expect of me at my age. Growing up should be fun!

So I’m just going to live… Because life is fun & fun is life. 🙂

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