You got the job!

The four words we all want to hear at this point in our life. Well not necessarily… We’re all different right? But for me, yes. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.


June 1, 2016

Fresh out of university & thrown into the world without a clue on what to do next. A lot of my friends are continuing on with more schooling which I think is absolutely inspiring. Many are pursuing grad school to attain a Master’s degree, some are leaving to obtain a diploma & one of my best friends is going to optometry school. How awesome do they sound?!


3 peas in a pod… Left: Jess, April, Christa

For me, completing my undergrad was a long time coming. I couldn’t wait to complete my degree and move onto something totally new. While I am determined to learn more about this world, I cannot do so in a controlled environment with schedules, assignments & exams anymore. I thrive on chaos & new experiences. So that’s where I’m headed to next.


Amidst the third month of my current summer employment, I received an email I had been awaiting for 3 weeks. Currently I am employed at a small research centre that doubles as a public aquarium in Eastern Canada for the summer. While I love my job, I was eager to begin planning for life after this position, as the real world is calling me.


This is where I’m headed. The Philippines. Did you think I was joking about diving into the unknown? Philippines… I’m coming for ya!

But guess what? A job offer in a totally different country comes with huge new responsibilities and a lengthy list of things to do beforehand… Here we go.

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